Elevate Your HVAC Business: The Modine Authorized Contractor Program

Elevate Your HVAC Business: The Modine Authorized Contractor Program

Are you an HVAC contractor looking to take your business to new heights? Partnering with Modine through our Authorized Contractor Program could be the game-changer you’ve been searching for. With over a century of industry expertise, Modine is synonymous with trust, quality, and innovation in North America’s HVAC market.


Why Partner with Modine?

Brand Reputation:

   With Modine, you align your business with a brand that has built a legacy of trust over 100 years. Becoming an authorized contractor positions you as a partner with one of the most reputable HVAC brands in North America. Your association with Modine enhances your credibility and builds customer confidence.


   As an Authorized Modine Contractor, you integrate your reliable service with the highest quality, long-lasting heating solutions. Modine is committed to continuous innovation and improvement, ensuring you provide your customers with HVAC solutions that stand the test of time.

Leader in the Market:

   Modine is a recognized leader in the HVAC market, boasting a significant market share for gas-fired unit heaters in North America. Partnering with Modine means contributing to this leadership and offering equipment that truly makes a difference in people’s lives.

Service & Support:

   Enjoy priority access to our responsive service and support network. Our team is just a call away to assist you with any technical questions or challenges you may encounter. With Modine, you’re not just a contractor; you’re part of a network dedicated to your success.


   As a Modine Authorized Contractor, you become part of an organization committed to problem-solving, innovation, and continuous improvement. Backed by a trusted and supportive brand, you’ll have the tools and resources to thrive in a competitive market.


About the Authorized Contractor Program

The Modine Authorized Contractor Program is designed to benefit both homeowners and contractors. As an Authorized Contractor, you gain:

– Recognition and Status: Be recognized as a contractor working with the most trusted HVAC brand.

– Extended Warranty: Offer your customers an exclusive additional one-year warranty, providing extra peace of mind.

– Responsive Service: Benefit from priority support and a dedicated network of specialists to assist with technical questions and challenges.

– Lead Generation: Grow your business with free leads from a trusted manufacturer by listing your business on our contractor locator.

Extended Peace of Mind:

On top of Modine’s exceptional warranty, you can offer your customers an exclusive additional one-year warranty. This not only gives your customers extra confidence but also provides you with a competitive advantage.

Leading-Edge Lead Generation:

Modine supports Authorized Contractors by listing their businesses on our contractor locator. This means you can focus more on your existing customers while growing your business with free leads from a trusted manufacturer.

Putting Our Partners First:

Count on us for priority support. The Modine service team is always ready to help with technical or product-related questions. Authorized Contractors have a dedicated support network of specialists to address their unique challenges.


By joining the Modine Authorized Contractor Program, you’re not just a contractor but a valued partner in a community dedicated to excellence, innovation, and success. Elevate your HVAC business with Modine – where quality, trust, and partnership converge. Join us today and take the next step toward a brighter, more successful future.