Keeping Classrooms Quiet with Modine HVAC Tech

Keeping Classrooms Quiet with Modine HVAC Tech

As students return to schools for in-person learning, it’s not only indoor air quality (IAQ) that administrators need to be concerned about. A healthy environment for students and teachers is also free of obtrusive, distracting noise from HVAC systems. 

Research indicates background noise can distract students and contribute to academic decline, according to an article in Education Week:

But noise in the background doesn’t have to be that loud to be distracting for students. In a 2013 study in the Journal of Urban Health, a publication of the New York Academy of Medicine, 8- and 9-year-old students who had higher “ambient” noise levels in school performed significantly worse on standardized tests in mathematics and French language, after controlling for their socioeconomic backgrounds. A difference of 10 decibels of regular background noise was associated with 5.5-point-lower scores on average in both subjects.

That’s why Modine’s engineers have put their decades of experience in addressing school HVAC challenges to design units that can keep classrooms healthy and comfortable without creating distracting noise. 

Airedale ClassMate® Single Package Air Conditioning & Heating Pump Unit

The whisper-quiet Airedale ClassMate® DX Cooling and Heat Pump unit by Modine is engineered to be the quietest single packaged product of its type when outfitted with the optional STUDY sound-suppression package. The units deliver efficient performance and decreased sound using advanced blower and compressor technologies and a sound-deadening compressor acoustic wrap. Engineered for efficiency, the STUDY Package used in the ClassMate and SchoolMate units provides enhanced noise-reduction. 

Modine also offers school ventilation products to provide enhanced levels of fresh air quietly and efficiently. Airedale Sentinel® Vertical Unit Ventilators, which are available in five models, are engineered to efficiently and effectively provide specified amounts of fresh air ventilation with minimal energy consumption. To help ensure healthy and safe classroom conditions, all of the Airedale school products by Modine are available with upgraded filtration up to MERV 13 level efficiency. 

When researching HVAC options to provide better ventilation, school officials need to consider the role that noise can play in disrupting the learning environment. Modine’s school products help minimize unnecessary noise, allowing students to focus in a safe, comfortable classroom environment.

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