Keeping Make-Up Air Under Control

Keeping Make-Up Air Under Control

Modine continues to advance commercial HVAC technology by integrating advanced control system technology into many of its products. The latest line offering a Modine Control System (MCS) option for customers is our Indoor Separated Combustion Heating and Make-Up Air units. This joins the Outdoor Indirect Fired Heating and Make Up Air units in featuring this exciting option.

Modine Indoor Separated Combustion Heating and Make-Up Air Systems are specifically designed to serve buildings with hostile atmospheric conditions, such as high humidity or negative pressures. Composed of an indoor separated combustion duct furnace with a blower, plus an optional cooling section, the units are designed to integrate into a building’s existing heating, heating/ventilation/cooling make-up air system. 

Benefits of the New Control System Option for Make-up Air Units

With this new control system option, Modine has addressed the increasing demand for building management system integration from customers. The new control system comes with several benefits including: 

  • Capable of a wide range of damper, supply fan and temperature control strategies 
  • A useful and informative real-time display of operating characteristics, run-time logging, and alarm notification with a snapshot of unit sensors to greatly improve maintenance and unit diagnosis;
  • Equipped with a scheduler to create custom operating schedules, including up to seven periods per day and either on/off or occupied/unoccupied controls;

Equipped with a 32-bit microprocessor for fast processing speed, the MCS Carel pCOOEM+ programmable controller can handle complex HVAC/R applications. Modine also emphasizes ease of use in the design of the control system. To make jobsite startup more convenient, the controller is fully configured for the customer’s preferred application settings at the factory. The new system also provides a simple user interface mounted on the unit with easy-to-understand menus.

Available in 17 model sizes with input ranges from 75,000 to 1,200,000 Btu/Hr with airflow ranges from 556 to 14,500 CFM. Using natural gas or propane, all units are a minimum of 81% thermally efficient.