10 Reasons Modine’s Effinity Unit Heater Is the Most Efficient Unit Heater in the U.S.
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10 Reasons Modine’s Effinity Unit Heater Is the Most Efficient Unit Heater in the U.S.

For some companies, reducing carbon emissions is a moral imperative. For others, reducing carbon emissions makes good economic sense. Fewer emissions mean your heating system is operating efficiently or using less fuel. The Modine Effinity unit heater models take it to the next level. Efficiencies start at 93 percent, far above industry averages of around 80 percent, and go up from there.

Here are 10 reasons efficiency-minded contractors, architects, and engineers should consider Effinity for greenhouse, warehouse, or other heating applications.

  1. Achieve peak efficiency
    The Effinity (model PTC) unit is the most efficient gas-fired condensing unit heater in the United States. Specific models reach 97 percent efficiency. That means your unit heater’s energy leads to very little energy loss.
  2. Minimize upfront costs
    Rebates and tax breaks are available through federal and state energy-efficiency incentives. Use the link to check availability in your state—some states have dozens of tax credits, grants, and subsidies that you can use for high-efficiency energy projects. It pays to take advantage of energy-efficiency incentives.
  3. Conserve energy
    Energy Saver Controls are standard on all Effinity models. When the temperature increases, the gas is disabled, and the unit uses stratified ceiling air to heat the room. As the ceiling air temperature decreases, the gas reengages to heat the environment. The gas controls automatically adjust in response to environmental conditions and temperatures. It’s another built-in feature that enhances efficiency.
  4. Save money
    Annual gas savings are between $300-$900 per unit, depending on your location and climate. Those operating in areas of the country with extreme temperatures or temperature fluctuations may find savings towards the lower end of the above range. Either way, savings are in your future if you opt for an Effinity unit heater.
  5. Reduce emissions
    At the high end, Effinity unit heaters reduce carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 15,000 pounds annually. That’s the carbon dioxide-reducing equivalent of planting 170 trees per year.
  6. Make smart investments
    Effinity’s secondary heat exchanger is made of AL29-4® stainless steel to prevent corrosion and comes equipped with a 10-year warranty to extend the life of your investment. But, without a warranty, do you have the assurance you need that your unit heater is made to last?
  7. Simplify installation
    The Contractor Convenience Package includes:

    • A condensate pump convenience outlet
    • Unit on/off switch
    • Heater function status indicator lights
    • External terminals for thermostat wiring 

    We designed Effinity for ease of installation and with contractor workflows as a top priority.

  8. Optimize BTUs
    We know a one-size-fits-all unit heater option is unlikely to work for the range of projects contractors, architects, and building managers helm. Ten Effinity model sizes are available depending on the desired use. Our Effinity unit heaters range from 55,000 to 310,000 BTU per hour to suit a comprehensive range of project requirements.
  9. Improve heat distribution
    Blowers are available on models 215-310 to ensure better heat distribution.
  10.  Separate combustion
    Each Effinity unit heater draws combustion air from the outside to maintain fresh, clean air and increase efficiency.

Keep in mind that while the energy savings and equivalent carbon dioxide reductions mentioned above are indeed impressive, many projects require more than one Effinity unit heater. Multiply accordingly, and the savings and environmental protections are even more notable.

Plant a forest or install an Effinity. It’s your choice. We recommend the latter.

How do I calculate unit efficiency? 

Modine’s Effinity Payback calculator is a quick way to compare and contrast Effinity models with other unit heater options available. By entering basic information, such as your occupied hours of operation, indoor design temperature occupied and unoccupied, and building design heat loss, you can get a snapshot of how much you can save by installing an Effinity unit heater. Once you plug in your information, you’ll learn:

  • Cost savings
  • Environmental savings
  • Return on investment 

That way, you can ensure you’re making an informed decision and essentially guaranteeing the right fit for your project.


Is the Effinity unit heater easy to install?

We equipped each Effinity unit heater model with Building Management System (BMS) integration capabilities, which means installation is a snap. With BMS on board, Effinity can be installed easily into your existing system. If you want to simplify installation even more, consider partnering with a Modine Authorized Contractor to get the job done. 

What is the Modine Authorized Contractor Program? 

A Modine Authorized Contractor is an HVAC specialist who is an expert at the purchase, installation, and service requirements for Modine’s HVAC product lines. If you’re a contractor, consider becoming a Modine Authorized Contractor to elevate what you offer your customers.  

Once you complete the program, you’ll be authorized to offer your customers an exclusive additional one-year warranty. Plus, we’ll add you to our database of authorized contractors so the leads will come to you. And you’ll always have priority access to our service team to answer any of your questions or provide technical support as you serve your customers. 

The program ensures contractors have the resources they need to install Modine products, and Modine customers have a streamlined installation process. 

Where can I buy an Effinity unit heater? 

Modine sells its Effinity unit heaters through authorized Modine representatives or distributors. You can use our search tool to find an Effinity resource near you. 

You need efficiency from start to finish. Modine’s Effinity line of unit heaters is head and shoulders above your other options. It’s time to discover how efficient your unit heat could be. Contact us to discuss which Effinity model is the right fit for your project.