3 Commercial HVAC Trends to Watch

3 Commercial HVAC Trends to Watch

At Modine, we’re passionate about advancing the state of commercial HVAC technology. Our engineers are continually out in the field, working with our distributors, to identify how we can improve our products to better meet customer needs.

Here are three commercial HVAC trends that Modine is working to accommodate in the development of our heating, cooling and ventilation products:

1. Demand for Increased Efficiency

Effinity unit heater
Effinity® unit heater

We’re seeing continuing demand for high-efficiency heating products. We’re determined to keep pushing the envelope for even greater energy efficiency in our projects. Our Effinity® unit heater is a gas-fired, condensing heater that can operate at up to 97 percent efficiency, compared to the 80-83% efficiency generally seen across the industry.

Lodronic Hydronic Unit Heater
Lodronic Hydronic Unit Heater

We’ve recently launched our new Lodronic low-temperature hot water unit heater range, which use 50% less electricity than similar-sized hydronic heaters and are specifically designed for use with high-efficiency boilers.

2. Quieter Ventilation

Another trend that plays into one of our strengths is a growing interest in quiet in-room packaged ventilation systems that can be used in classrooms and other settings. 

iredale ClassMate® model DX
iredale ClassMate® model DX

Modine has developed heating and cooling technology specifically designed to meet the needs of school facilities. This includes our Airedale ClassMate® model DX cooling and heat pumps. The ClassMate is engineered to be quietest single packaged product of its type.

Through thorough sound attenuation research and testing, our engineers developed the STUDY package used in the ClassMate and SchoolMate units to achieve the highest noise-reduction standards for classrooms. This is accomplished by reducing air flow velocity and improving air flow path through redesigned cabinets and baffles.

3. Changing Standards

Atherion New Options
Atherion® Packaged Ventilation System

New performance and air quality standards mean more demand for outdoor-air intake systems that can handle a variety of requirements. The Modine’s Atherion® Packaged Ventilation System has the flexibility to meet the specific ventilation, heating, cooling, and dehumidification requirements for any facility.