Adapting to Changing HVAC Needs
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Adapting to Changing HVAC Needs

While the federal government, through the Department of Energy (DOE), has a significant role in the legislation driving advances in energy efficiency, individual states are at the forefront of sustainability initiatives. Many have established day-to-day mandates that govern operations for commercial and residential facilities that go beyond those of the federal government.

For example, California is the fifth largest economy in the world. As a result, its social and legislative priorities can have an impact far beyond the borders of the Sunshine State when it comes to energy efficiency and sustainability standards.

Modine offers developers and facility managers high-efficiency heating and cooling solutions to meet governmental energy reduction requirements and goals for commercial and residential buildings.

Policy Recommendations

In 2017, California passed a law requiring an assessment of how to reduce building emissions by 40 percent from 1990 levels by 2030. The state’s energy commission has made cutting pollution from buildings one of its priorities. 

According to the California Air Resources Board, buildings are responsible for 107 tons of nitrogen oxide pollution (NOx) daily, more than five times that of power plants (18 tons per day). A recent study, commissioned by a group of the state utilities and governmental entities, proposes to combat pollution from buildings by encouraging a shift to high-efficiency heating and cooling systems.

Energy Efficient HVAC Solutions

Atherion meets efficiency needs
Modine Atherion DOAS

For over 100 years, Modine has been a leader in HVAC technology, designing, producing, and refining products like the Modine Atherion® Dedicated/High Outside Air Systems (DOAS), to meet the highest energy efficiency standards. The Atherion units are used to introduce properly conditioned outside ventilation and/or make-up air to ensure good indoor air quality.

Atherion units are available with an optional energy recovery module to maximize savings. It consists of an aluminum energy-recovery wheel, coated with a 4-angstrom-thick Zeolite desiccant. By rotating between incoming and outgoing air, the wheel recaptures energy from the exhaust air while minimizing the transfer of odor causing molecules that are larger than the 4Å pore size of the zeolite desiccant. That energy is used to either preheat or precool outside air as it enters the building, reducing the Atherion’s mechanical heating and cooling systems, potentially saving thousands of dollars on heating and/or cooling expenses annually.

classmate education HVAC efficiency needs
Modine Classmate

For schools and other educational facilities, the Modine Airedale Classmate® is a highly energy efficient in-classroom DX cooling and heat pump system that offers several auxiliary heating options, hot gas reheat for dehumidification, noise reduction and a small footprint. The unit uses less refrigerant and offers lower energy costs through the use of an energy recovery wheel to precondition the outside air.