Protect your Modine Atherion System from the Sea Air and Sun

Protect your Modine Atherion System from the Sea Air and Sun

Our Coastal Coat Package greatly reduces corrosion

Living and working by the ocean or in a coastal environment is a dream come true for many, but it can be a nightmare for rooftop HVAC units like the Modine Atherion Commercial Packaged Ventilation system.

Relentless humidity and salt-laden air can accelerate corrosion of metal casings and components, drastically reducing their lifespan. This is a factor even as far as 10 miles or more from the coast. That’s why we strongly recommend and encourage our Coastal Coat Package to protect the investment in coastal regions.

Our standard Atherion casing includes 18-gauge pre-painted galvanized steel with a finish that has been verified capable of withstanding a minimum 2,500 hour salt spray and fog atmosphere exposure in accordance with ASTM B117 test procedures.

Our optional Coastal Coat Package, however, doubles the salt-spray exposure test capability to 5,000 hours. The polyester powdercoat is electrostatically applied before assembly, meaning even punched holes are thoroughly covered. This option also includes the replacement of all zinc-plated fasteners with stainless steel, a much more durable material for corrosive environments.

Our Coastal Coat Package should be considered an option for Atherion users in these or similar locations:

  • Less than 10 miles from the coast.
  • Areas with prevailing onshore winds.
  • Humid, coastal areas with low rainfall.
  • Areas exposed to salt spray from rough surf.
  • Especially exposed coastal locations, for instance a treeless, flat environment that doesn’t offer natural barriers to surf spray or onshore winds.
  • Areas where regular cleaning and maintenance is not practiced or corrosion has been noted on other rooftop or external machinery.

If any of these apply to you, we strongly recommend your project engineer or contractor consider a Coastal Coat Package prior to installation of our highly efficient and cutting-edge Atherion Packaged Ventilation System.  Additionally, E-coated coils are highly recommended.

With the Modine Coastal Coat Package and E-coated coils, you can spend more time enjoying the surf and sun and less time worrying about your equipment.