Ensure Prime Heating System Performance with Winter Maintenance
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Ensure Prime Heating System Performance with Winter Maintenance

Use our handy online maintenance checklist! Modine heating products are built to last, but even the best heaters need a little TLC to ensure they will function well through the coldest winters.

Our engineers and technicians provide painstakingly detailed operating manuals that cover virtually every potential question or issue. They also use their intimate knowledge of our gas-fired heating products, such as our famed unit heaters, to provide detailed maintenance instructions.

Here are some pointers to ensure your Modine heating equipment is ready to keep your greenhouse, warehouse, garage or workplace warm all winter. This handy checklist covers general maintenance, gas supply and vents for our products such as the Effinity.


  • Check equipment for any damage that may have occurred over the summer. This should include damage to sheet metal, fans and air movers, wiring, gas pipes, vent systems, and equipment supports.
  • Make sure the heat exchangers and burners are clean.
  • Check to make certain the vent system has not been compromised and is in the proper working order.
  • Check for anything that may be blocking the air inlet or heat exchanger discharge paths.


  • Make sure that gas mains are on and flowing.
  • Check inlet pressure and manifold gas pressure to heating equipment to make sure it is properly set.
  • Check regulator vents to ensure they are not plugged.
  • If propane is being used, check main regulator on tanks for proper pressure settings and check for damage to regulators if propane is being used.
  • Check tanks for proper size and propane levels.


  • Check vent system to ensure it is clear of any obstructions.
  • Check to ensure all connections are secure and tight.
  • Inspect the entire vent system for signs of corrosion and damage that could lead to vent products entering the heated space or vent products recirculating into combustion air.
  • Clean vent pipe and clean out cap, if necessary.

With dedicated care and maintenance, your Modine heating equipment should last for many winters to come. Here’s the full Modine winter maintenance checklist.