Find an Authorized Contractor to Install Your Residential Unit Heater

Find an Authorized Contractor to Install Your Residential Unit Heater

Modine's Contractor Locator makes it is easy for you to find trustworthy, authorized contractors in your area.

Modine wants to ensure that keeping your garage, workshop or outbuilding comfortable is an easy process all the way from purchase to installation and support. Even though our Residential Hot Dawg Unit Heater Series™ has several great easy to install options, we always recommend working with a licensed contractor.

That’s why our website includes a complete Home Heating information section to assist you in in purchasing the right Hot Dawg to suit your needs. Plus, finding the right local contractor to help is easy through Modine’s Authorized Contractor Locator.

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95% of homeowners start their journey to purchase a unit heater online. Modine’s Home Heating section of our website offers all the information they need about our heaters in one convenient place.

Here are 5 common questions about unit heaters that are answered in the Home Heating section of Modine’s website:

  1. What are the types of residential unit heaters?
  2. How do you size a residential unit heater?
  3. How do you install a residential unit heater?
  4. How do you choose the right HVAC contractor?
  5. How do you find a local HVAC contractor?

Also on the website, homeowners can check our FAQ’s for more answers and register unit heaters that they have already purchased. If you’re a homeowner wanting to know more about the Hot Dawg units, we’ve made the home heating section of our website a one-stop-shop. 

Modine's Authorized Contractor Program benefits contractors, too!


The Modine Authorized Contractor Program is designed to help homeowners connect with a trusted contractor to purchase, install, or service a residential HVAC unit and benefits both homeowners and contractors alike. By joining the program, contractors position themselves as a partner of one of the most trusted names in the HVAC industry.

Here are the three top benefits for contractors:

  • You receive an exclusive additional one-year warranty to offer your customers.
  • Your contact information is listed in our Authorized Contractor Locator meaning you’ll receive free local leads.
  • You can rely on priority support from the Modine HVAC team.

Contractors can find more information on these benefits and apply to join the program in the home heating section of our Modine’s website.