Finding the Right Commercial HVAC Applications for Your Facility
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Finding the Right Commercial HVAC Applications for Your Facility

From our highly-efficient unit heater technology to commercial HVAC applications for any cooling or ventilation need, Modine is dedicated to meeting and exceeding current efficiency standards. We’re also dedicated to making sure end-users purchase equipment that actually fits the needs of their individual facilities.

So how do you choose the right equipment for your facility? 

By the Numbers

At Modine, our engineers advocate that the most accurate way to determine if HVAC equipment is right for your facility is by conducting a thorough energy analysis based on the actual space it will be serving. While you’re at it, make sure to correctly spec the size of the units according to the needs of the space.


The old-fashioned practice of oversizing units leads to wasted energy, excessive wear, and poor temperature and/or humidity control as they cycle on and off too frequently.


Built for Efficiency

Atherion® Packaged Ventilation System for Commercial HVAC applications
Atherion® Packaged Ventilation System

It is also worth looking at how separate systems will work together to boost overall efficiency and minimize costs. For example, the Atherion® Packaged Ventilation System, our dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS), is designed to significantly reduce the load on a facility’s heating and cooling systems by preconditioning outside air. By delivering ventilation air at specified humidity and temperature conditions, it reduces the workload on the building’s HVAC system to heat or cool the incoming air.

The Atherion units can maximize savings with an optional energy recovery module. The module consists of an aluminum energy-recovery wheel that recaptures energy from the exhaust air. Once recaptured, the energy can be used to preheat or precool outside air. This equates to a potential saving thousands of dollars on operating expenses annually.