Heating Options for Your Personal Workshop

Heating Options for Your Personal Workshop

Workshops can be used year-round with the addition of a safe heat source like unit heaters. Whether you’re fixing automobiles, mastering the art of woodworking, planning the next big business or other shop-related activity, you can stay focused on your projects instead of the temperature. An efficient heating system can make all the difference in having a comfortable space for indoor production and the opportunity to enjoy it without a chill seeping inside.

Instead of piling on layers of clothing that can impede your range of motion, consider using a safe and efficient unit heater to heat your space. Units can be mounted up and out of the way to free up floor space for tools, parts, and storage. The Modine Hot Dawg™ Series has several great options that are easy to install.


Durable for commercial spaces, a power-vented unit like the Hot Dawg® Power-Vented Gas-Fired Unit Heater can easily perform in personal workshops. Power-vented units vent combustion air and exhaust with the use of a blower when the heater is firing. This unit utilizes both natural and propane gas and comes with a 100% shut-off with continuous retry to allow for safe ignition.

Separated Combustion

A separated combustion unit pulls 100% of combustion air from outside. Workshops with a large amount of dust or fumes can greatly benefit from this type of unit. The Hot Dawg® Separated Combustion Gas-Fired Unit Heater is another great option from the Modine Hot Dawg series of unit heaters. The fresh air supply reduces the common concerns about performance and durability that can come in a dusty or particulate-laden environment.

Hot Water

Hot water from your existing boiler system, ground source heat pump or water heater can be used to heat your workshop. The only low profile residentially-certified hot-water unit heater in North America is the Hot Dawg® H2O Low Profile Hot Water Unit Heater. The internal coil of the unit can handle water pressure up to 150 PSI and temperature up to 200-degree Fahrenheit. This unit can also deliver air vertically or horizontally because it can be mounted almost anywhere.

If you are a homeowner looking for a unit heater to keep your workshop warm, find out more information on our Hot Dawg™ Series at