HVAC Tech Keeps Getting Smarter
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HVAC Tech Keeps Getting Smarter

We live in a connected world. Like all consumers, facility managers or industrial customers desire more convenience and greater control over technology than ever before. Modine continually works to meet enhance the value we offer our customers, creating smart HVAC solutions with intelligent and intuitive controls systems.

Real-Time Communication

HVAC tech effinity bms interface
Modine’s Effinity BMS Interface

Our smart controls systems allow operators to monitor and control a wide spectrum of system functions, providing useful operational and diagnostic information through a user interface or a facility’s existing building management system (BMS). 

Modine continues to bake more digital, real-time communication capability into our products. The controls systems provide units with the ability to connect to most building management systems through compatibility with major BMS protocols such as BACnet MS/TP or IP and LonWorks. 

Controls Systems

Modine controls systems ensure maximum performance of our HVAC applications, giving operators insights into unit efficiency and operations. Currently, we have three major products that integrate our controls systems:

  • Atherion® Packaged Ventilation unit. Designed for high moisture removal efficiency in 100 percent dedicated or high outside air system (DOAS/HOAS) applications.
  • Airedale ClassMate®. Designed and engineered to meet the needs of today’s classrooms with greater efficiency, noise reduction, superior unit operation, and ease of serviceability and installation.
  • Effinity™ unit heater. One of the most-efficient, gas-fired, condensing unit heaters in North America, available in 10 model sizes, from 55,000 to 310,000 BTU/hr.

Need for Training

HVAC smarter tech training
Innovation Tour Training

The rise of intelligent HVAC systems requires a new commitment to training across the industry. Modine is doing its part to help. We’re committed to providing opportunities for professional development for anyone involved with HVAC technology. In addition to our offerings at Modine University, we’re taking education opportunities on the road with our 2019 Innovation Tour.