Modine has Heating Solutions for All Occasions
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Modine has Heating Solutions for All Occasions

The mornings are getting colder and the nights can be borderline unbearable in some locations. Winter is here, and it’s time to ensure you have the right heating solutions for both your commercial and residential working spaces. 

At Modine, we have an abundance of options that will keep your facility warm and comfortable to operate in. From complete HVAC systems to unit heaters, Modine has what you need to heat your facility.

Lodronic™ Low-Temperature Hydronic Heater

The typical oversized hydronic unit heater can overwork high-efficiency boiler systems, which could result in poor system performance and lower temperature output. The Lodronic™ Low-Temperature Hydronic Heater was designed and engineered specifically for high-efficiency boilers. The unit has a high-efficiency four-row coil with low water pressure drop and a smaller fan and motor for a lower system amp draw. With this unit, owners have experienced several improvements including 50% less electric use, 35% higher discharge temperature, 30% smaller footprint and 2.5X quieter operation. This system is perfect for warehouses, industrial buildings, mechanical rooms, entryways and much more. 

Don’t believe us? Check out the Beebe River Ranch Snowmobile Club Case Study.

Horizontal Hydronic Unit Heater

One of our most popular unit-heater types, the Modine hydronic unit heater is designed for long heat-throw and uniform heat delivery. This unit has a two-pieced casing for easy coil access, and the serpentine copper tube coil design has high resistance to thermal shock. The coil is designed for greater water carrying capacity with lower friction loss. The absence of coil headers eliminates any potential leak and increases coil face area without increasing the overall size of the unit. All our models have tapped holes for suspension by threaded rod or the optional pipe hanger adapter kit, except the HSB 18 and HSB 24. Our horizontal steam/hot water unit heaters are quick and easy to install at a low cost.

Hot Dawg™ Hydronic Garage Heater

For residential customers looking to heat their garage or personal workshop, the Hot Dawg® Hydronic Garage Heater is the perfect option. The Hot Dawg® H2O offers a one-of-a-kind heating solution for garages and workshops as the only low-profile residentially-certified hot water unit heater. With side access piping and all the moving parts enclosed, the unit can be mounted however you like, allowing for air to be delivered both vertically and horizontally. The internal coil can handle water pressures up to 150 PSI and temperatures up to 200-degrees Fahrenheit. This unit comes with two mounting brackets with vibration isolators to reduce noise and vibration. The Hot Dawg® H20 is available in two model sizes. All models run off your boiler system, ground source heat pump, or water heater.

If you are a facility manager, business owner, residential customer, or anyone who would like to learn more about Modine’s heating solutions, visit our website.