Modine HVAC factories provide jobs to small-town America

Modine HVAC factories provide jobs to small-town America

Buena Vista and West Kingston facilities key to Modine HVAC

Geography, culture and cuisine divide the towns of Buena Vista, Virginia, and West Kingston, Rhode Island, but they share important similarities.

Both are close to universities; both are small towns with less than 10,000 people; and both towns host Modine HVAC manufacturing operations.

In a previous blog post, we looked at Modine’s Made in the USA commitment and the various federal laws and guidelines we follow to further this goal of providing good manufacturing jobs for American workers.

Now here’s a quick look at the two towns and our HVAC production facilities in each one.

Buena Vista, Virginia

This Shenandoah town of about 6,600 people in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains lies roughly between Roanoke and Staunton. The Modine Building HVAC business unit facility employs about 180 people, and it’s the third-largest employer in the town. The town is located on the Maury River and is home to Southern Virginia University.


The Modine  Building HVAC business unit factory in Buena Vista produces unit heaters (such as the Hot Dawg), infrared heaters, indirect-fired duct furnaces, indirect-fired and direct-fired heating and make-up air units, packaged rooftop units (such as the Atherion), and vertical packaged school units (like the Classmate ). The plant there opened in 1963.

West Kingston, Rhode Island

This village of about 4,200 people is also home to one of Modine’s U.S.-based HVAC manufacturing factories. West Kingston is part of the considerably larger Kingston area, is inland from the Rhode Island coast near the Great Swamp and south of Providence. The University of Rhode Island is nearby, offering opportunities for engineering internships.

The West Kingston factory produces steam and hot-water unit heaters, electric unit heaters, ductless mini-split ceiling cassette units, steam/hot water cabinet unit heaters, steam/hot water fin tube radiation heaters, unit ventilators, ground/water source heat pumps, and vertical unit ventilators, such as the Sentinel.

Both factories represent Modine’s commitment to producing its wealth of HVAC systems and components in the United States, and we are grateful to our employees in both towns.