Modine Unit Heaters Bring the Heat to Out-of-the-Way Space

Modine Unit Heaters Bring the Heat to Out-of-the-Way Space

Our Hot Dawg line can even make a great gift for sportsmen or mechanics

As cold weather clamps down on the country, it’s a good time to review the benefits and applications of our unit heaters.

And for the sportsman or car enthusiast on your Christmas list, it might even be time to consider an unusual but thoughtful and practical gift: Our Hot Dawg unit heaters.

But first here’s a quick primer on unit heaters:

From a commercial perspective, they can be used to heat store foyers or bring a dedicated heat source to warehouse spaces or work areas. Unit heaters are especially useful during winter months for greenhouse heating.

From a residential perspective, a gas-fired unit can be used to heat garages, workshops, or hobby green houses.

From an economic perspective, they can bring a dedicated heat source to an area that might otherwise need extensive ductwork or an anchored furnace. Our gas-fired units can approach 97 percent efficiency. This makes them attractive from both a contractor and consumer point of view.

See Hot Dawg in Action

Our Hot Dawg is the most intimate unit heater line, scaled for heating smaller spaces such as hunting sheds or garages. The Hot Dawg is available in six sizes between 30,000 and 125,000 BTUs and is the most popular residentially certified gas-fired heater in the industry.

Here are some of its advantages and chief selling points (and why it can even make a good Christmas gift):

  • The Hot Dawg can allow for use of garages or workshops in every season of the year.
  • They are also available in either power-vented or separated combustion configurations, offering flexible options for different applications.
  • The ceiling-mounted, easily ventilated units are compact and occupy a relatively small space, important for the constraints of small hunting shed, garage or workshop.
  • The Hot Dawgs are flexible with fuel types as well, they can run on either propane or natural gas.

And of course Modine offers top-of-the-line unit heaters for commercial applications. Here’s a quick rundown of our commercial unit heaters – one of the first products that became a Modine mainstay — and some basic facts about each:

Whether you are a consumer or contractor wanting to heat a section of warehouse, a greenhouse, garage or man cave, we have a range of unit-heater options.