Modine’s New Lodronic Line Provides Efficiency for Jobs Big and Small
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Modine’s New Lodronic Line Provides Efficiency for Jobs Big and Small

Sometimes, the best product for most applications might not be the best product for your application. This is especially true in heating, where properly sizing a unit heater for a room is the most important factor in getting a good result.

Lodronic Hydronic Unit Heater
The new Lodronic Hydronic Unit Heater from Modine

If it’s too big for the space, a unit heater will cycle on and off too often, wasting energy and wearing out years ahead of schedule. If it’s too small, it’ll end up burning money trying to heat the space adequately and still not keep up.

Modine is making it easier to find the right unit heater for your needs with our new Lodronic low-temperature hot water unit heater range. With units available in six sizes, the line offers models perfectly suited for any application, no matter how large or small. 

Isn’t it Hydronic?

Lodronic Coils
The Lodronic features refined high-efficiency coil design

All Modine Lodronic unit heaters are UL 1995-certified, use 50% less electricity and run more quietly than comparably-sized hydronic heaters. This efficiency is due to a refined high-efficiency coil design and smaller fan motors, allowing the unit to do more with less energy. These unit heaters are specifically designed for use with high-efficiency boilers. 

Despite being a low-temperature hot water unit heater, the Lodronic heaters produce comparable amounts of heat to traditional high-temperature systems. The efficient heat transfer from the Lodronic units is due to a larger coil design. Low-temperature systems use thermal mass to store heat, requiring less boiler uptime and less energy spent heating the water, which can quickly translate into cost savings.

Trust Modine for New Technology

Modine has provided heating and cooling systems to factories, warehouses, schools and more for more than a century, and our commitment to innovation has always allowed us to develop new approaches to existing problems. The Lodronic unit heater range is our latest breakthrough, allowing us to develop smaller, lighter and more efficient solutions for our customers.

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