Opportunities to Enhance School Ventilation and HVAC Efficiency

Opportunities to Enhance School Ventilation and HVAC Efficiency

School systems have new federal funding opportunities available to improve indoor air quality, based on post-COVID-19 requirements, in their facilities, and Modine is ready to help. 

On Dec. 27, the U.S. Congress approved an additional $54.3 billion for the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER II Fund). The guidelines allow school systems to receive funding to address “preparing schools for reopening, and testing, repairing, and upgrading projects to improve air quality in school buildings.” 


At Modine, we’re dedicated to offering the best HVAC solutions and ventilation products for schools to address ventilation and energy efficiency, including:




  • Airedale ClassMate® packaged DX Cooling and Heat Pump units are designed for quiet operation, featuring a sound-deadening compressor acoustic wrap to reduce operating noises.
  • Airedale Sentinel® Vertical Unit Ventilators, available in five models, operate in conjunction with a school’s central chiller/boiler plant to condition incoming air. The units are designed and engineered to provide the proper amount of fresh air ventilation while minimizing energy consumption. 
  • Upgraded Filtration up to MERV 13 level efficiency is available on all the Airedale school products

When planning for the future, school officials can’t ignore the need to update aging heating and cooling systems as inefficient HVAC systems can account for 30 percent of a school facility’s annual energy costs. 

One example of how school districts can put our products to work: Niles Community Schools in Michigan transformed indoor air quality in its classrooms after replacing its aging HVAC systems with Modine products. The 200-plus state-of-the-art systems replaced old units that were more than 6 decades old, according to ABC 57.


Niles School HVAC Update video