Putting Heating and HVAC Unit Control at Your Fingertips
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Putting Heating and HVAC Unit Control at Your Fingertips

Modine is not just dedicated to creating smarter HVAC technology. We want to give building owners smarter, easier-to-use tools for optimizing HVAC and heating unit operations.

When evaluating specialized HVAC equipment for purchase, it’s easy to overlook the quality of the control systems, which are one of the most important components of the products. No matter how technologically advanced, HVAC systems cannot be used to full capacity without customized, intuitive controls systems.

Designed to Fit the HVAC Product

Modine does not take a one-size-fits-all approach with control system design. Our controls systems are designed and engineered around the final product, ensuring maximized performance that can’t be provided by out-of-the-box control systems.

The controls are integrated directly into Modine’s Atherion products, Effinity unit heaters, and school products such as the Airedale Classmate, giving end-users everything that they need from one company.

Enhanced HVAC Operation and Serviceability

Modine Controls Systems help maximize energy efficiency and performance for our HVAC systems through superior, easy-to-use controls and coordination of all components. Designed with flexibility in mind, the systems give operators control over a wide range of application functions, heating/cooling/dehumidifying high volumes of outside air to space conditioning.

The controls are also designed with unit serviceability in mind, providing useful information about HVAC system operations to facility supervisors through a handheld user interface in the case of Atherion and Modine school products and through a Building Management System (BMS) in the case of the Effinity heaters. This information includes operation hours per system, such as the supply fan or compressors, as well as providing alarms and easily understood warning notifications to help simplify preventative maintenance.

Select models include advanced diagnostic capability to assist with troubleshooting. Diagnostic information provided includes:

  • Real-time display of key refrigerant pressures
  • Temperatures
  • Condenser sub cooling temperature
  • Evaporator superheat temperature

BMS Compatibility

The controls are compatible with major Building Management Systems such as BACnet MS/TP or IP and LonWorks. Whether connected to a BEM or standalone, Modine controls continue to maintain oversight of the units to ensure the equipment functions within safe operating parameters.

Before making the decision to purchase specialized HVAC equipment for purchase, it’s important to evaluate the quality of the unit control systems. Modine Controls System can help facility managers cut down on energy and maintenance costs by ensuring optimum operations and providing timely diagnostic information.