Silent-Running Modine HVAC Gets Good Marks in Classrooms

Silent-Running Modine HVAC Gets Good Marks in Classrooms

Modine’s near-silent air conditioning systems, like the Airedale ClassMate DX Cooling and Heat Pump, help teachers keep their cool and students stay comfortable and on task in quieter classrooms.

Case in point: The Lake Shore School District just north of Detroit. Following a facilities assessment that largely focused on improving student achievement, school system officials focused on the fact that comfortable students perform better. The beginning and end of the school years can feature fairly warm temperatures, even in Michigan climes. But many schools lacked air conditioning, or had HVAC systems that cooled and heated classrooms unevenly or were simply too loud for classroom settings.

Teachers and students noted the need for improved HVAC in classrooms, and that led in part to a bond issue for facilities upgrades to the high school, middle school and elementary schools. Near the top of the list: Air-conditioning and quieter HVAC systems.

“The cooling efficiencies were unmatched”

School facilities officials and outside experts looked at three different HVAC systems to meet the need. Modine proved a little more expensive than others, but given Modine’s data on decibel testing and high efficiency, the school system went with the decades-old Wisconsin company known for its high technical prowess in HVAC and other equipment and services.

Lake Shore facilities managers shared what led to the selection: Modine offered the latest technology available, provided great efficiencies, and tested their product in a sound lab.

Airedale ClassMate® DX Cooling and Heat Pump
Airedale ClassMate® DX Cooling and Heat Pump

Following the study, the high school, middle school, and elementary schools all installed the ClassMate.

The response from teachers has been positive. They expected the comfort the new system provided but had concerns about the noise typically associated with air conditioning. The ClassMate HVAC systems surprised the teachers with its unobtrusive silence.

The Modine system is, they say, whisper-quiet.

The students of the district can now focus on doing their school work instead of who can make the most effective paper fans out it.