Small Heaters Provide Big Advantages
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Small Heaters Provide Big Advantages

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to commercial heating. For some situations, traditional HVAC systems prove too expensive or cumbersome.

modine hot dawg unit heater
Hot Dawg Unit Heater

That’s where Modine’s range of electric, gas and hydronic unit heaters come in. They are designed to provide building owners and facility managers the flexibility to meet their heating needs in a cost-efficient manner. They can be used to heat spaces as small as garages, as drafty as greenhouses and as large and complex as factories and warehouses. All that’s necessary to install a unit heating system is to position the unit where it’s needed, install the vent system and connect power and a fuel source. Modine unit heaters can be powered with gas, electricity, commercial hydronics systems or fuel oil, depending on model. 

Unit Heater Advantages

Compared to traditional HVAC systems, unit heaters have fewer moving parts and cost less to maintain. Once installed and connected to a thermostat, a unit heater is ready for use. All of Modine’s unit heaters feature a subtle design that blends into any industrial or commercial environment and provide benefits in heating applications where traditional HVAC systems would prove too expensive or cumbersome.

But unit heaters can do more than just throw heat into a space. Multiple units can be placed around the inside perimeter of a building in order to produce a blanket of warm air along the building’s outside walls where heat loss is greatest.

Others models attach and are vented directly through the roof or walls, which can keep the installation footprint at a minimum.

High-Efficiency Options 

Modine’s range of products include the new Lodronic low-temperature hot water unit heaters,  Effinity™ unit heaters and cabinet unit heaters with high-efficiency electronically commutated (EC) motors, which lower electricity use. 

Modine Cabinet Unit Heater

Modine cabinet unit heater
Modine cabinet unit heater

Modine cabinet unit heaters effectively make each area served an independent heating zone. Through thermostatic control of heater operations, conditions can be varied to suit diverse requirements or activities. Optional controls along with outside and return-air dampers are available to provide for ventilation and recirculation of room air.

Modine cabinet unit heaters are available in a choice of two models and eight sizes to properly match units to job requirements. This versatility eliminates compromising architecture or design. Important cost savings are often realized during building modernizations, as existing piping and/or wiring can frequently be reused.