Put on your thinking caps and test your Modine mettle with this quiz. It’s time for one of our occasional pop quizzes!

A lot has happened at Modine over the past 100 years. That means there’s a lot of great material for a quiz, but we’ll keep it fairly simple — this time.

Put on your thinking caps, pick up your No. 2 pencils, and ready, set, GO:

1. What kind of improvised device did Art Modine hang from his warehouse ceiling in 1918?
2. Where was the warehouse?
3. What company produced the Model T?
4. What product did Modine provide for the company’s cars?
5. Fill in the blank: In 1925, Modine developed its first version of the ________ fin for radiators.
6. Modine’s second manufacturing facility was located in what state?
7. Fill in the blank: In 1940, Modine built the largest _____ of its kind for heat-transfer testing in automobiles.
8. What was the fastest Allied fighter plane in World War II? What part did Modine produce for it?
9. What element did Modine replace with copper in most products following the war?
10. In 1979, Modine became the leading U.S. supplier of condensers and evaporators for three Japanese auto brands. Name one.

1. A unit heater.
2. Racine.
3. Ford.
4. Radiators.
5. Louvered.
6. Indiana.
7. Wind tunnel.
8. P-51 Mustang. Supercharger Aftercooler.
9. Aluminum.
10. Toyota, Nissan and Honda.


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