This (Hot) Dawg Can Hunt

This (Hot) Dawg Can Hunt

modine hot dawg unit heater
Hot Dawg Unit Heater

Here at Modine, we’re not just about designing big ol’ HVAC systems for huge commercial or residential facilities. We like to take care of the DIYer, too. Our Hot Dawg® line of garage, workspace and outbuilding heaters is the most popular residentially-certified gas-fired unit heater.

Cleaner Air

If you’re looking for a clean, dependable gas-fired heat source for your workspace without fumes, you’ll not be barking up the wrong tree with the Hot Dawg®. As a separated combustion heater, it draws combustion air from the outside to ensure clean, fresh air within the space.

Hot Dawg Camouflage Edition
Camo Hot Dawg Installed

This prevents dirty and dusty air and the extra humidity that can be caused by other heating applications. It also means increased heating efficiency, which will save money that could be spent on more DIY projects in the long run.

With six sizes available, ranging from 30,000 to 125,000 BTUs, the Hot Dawg is perfect for keeping workshops and residential garages comfortable for a long day of tinkering. It’s a pretty good deal for light commercial or industrial applications, too.

And, boy, these Dawgs can hunt, too. Check out our special edition Huntin’ Dawg camouflage appearance kit to give your unit a little of that backwoods flavor.

Other Advantages

With a Hot Dawg®, you can free up workspace by getting rid of unnecessary space heaters. You can also expect quieter operation than other heating units. (We like to say they’re “hush-puppy” quiet.) 

The Hot Dawg® line also includes blower model (HDB) and separated combustion with blower (HSB) options. Don’t worry, though. The Hot Dawg® itself doesn’t involve any DIY. Other separated combustion models on the market might need additional work or components before they’re ready to go, but Modine HDS units offer turnkey convenience the moment they leave the factory. 


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