Keep an Eye on Your Rooftop HVAC to Improve Efficiency

Keep an Eye on Your Rooftop HVAC to Improve Efficiency

No matter how efficient your rooftop HVAC system might be when initially installed, without proper maintenance and management, performance can degrade over time. “Out of sight, out of mind” isn’t the best course of action to protect one of the most important capital investments for a facility.

Keep a (Remote Eye) on the Units

Atherion meets HVAC efficiency needs
The Atherion® can be integrated with our
sophisticated controls system interfaces.

Instead of having to depend on frequent trips to the roof for visual inspections, facility supervisors can take advantage of sophisticated controls system interfaces that are integrated into Modine units like our Atherion® Commercial Packaged Ventilation products.

Operated through a handheld display, the Modine Controls System provides facility managers with the flexibility and control to ensure maximum performance and efficiency of the unit. It provides easy-to-understand, useful insights into unit operations and efficiency. The easy-to-use programmable microprocessor controls system is also compatible with major building management system (BMS) protocols such as BACnet® and LonWorks®. 

Don’t Forget the Preventative Maintenance

Modine Atherion Rooftop HVAC
Rooftop maintenance training on the Atherion.

Although the Modine Controls System provides facility managers easy access to the unit’s operational information and status without having to make a trip to the roof, the unit still needs some in-person attention, too. Don’t forget to schedule routine maintenance for the rooftop HVAC unit, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and requirements. 

Atherion® Advantages

As a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS), the Atherion Packaged Ventilation System is perfect for meeting the ventilations needs of a facility, regardless of its location or climate. The unit ensures that ventilation air is delivered at specified humidity and temperature conditions.  They can meet 100-percent outside air ventilation applications while increasing efficiency as the Atherion reduces the load on the building’s commercial HVAC system.