Keeping Classrooms Cool — Quietly

Keeping Classrooms Cool — Quietly

Students have enough to worry about without the distraction of a noisy classroom. Every day, they’re facing exams and pop quizzes, trying to take notes and keep up with their teachers. Background noise, including noisy cooling and heating systems, contributes to an unhealthy learning environment.

Studies indicate that classroom noise contributes to academic decline in schools. An article in Education Week recounts research that associates high decibel levels with a reduced test scores:

“The amount of noise students in urban schools may be subjected to is astonishing,” the researchers concluded. “The lowest noise level recorded in this study is 55 [decibels] with the average almost doubling the recommended level, which happens to be very close to the critical 70 [decibels] recommended by some researchers as unfavorable for young learners.”


Quiet HVAC Solution

Schools shouldn’t have to make a choice between environmental comfort for students and teachers and potentially disruptive noise from HVAC systems. Modine’s whisper-quiet HVAC systems, like the Airedale ClassMate® DX Cooling and Heat Pump, can keep classrooms comfortable without causing distracting background noise.

lakeshore school case study
Read the full Lakeshore School Case Study

One example: When the Lakeshore Public School District in Southwestern Michigan needed to find a quieter, more efficient heating and cooling solution, administrators chose to install 132 Airedale ClassMate® units in its five schools.

The ClassMate®, engineered for efficiency, noise reduction and a small footprint, is the quietest single packaged product of its type. It offers advanced blower and compressor technologies for decreased sound as well as a sound-deadening compressor acoustic wrap for even quieter operation.

Impressive Sound Reduction

Nick White, director of operations for Lakeshore public schools, in a Commercial Architecture Magazine article, praised the quiet operation of the units:

“One of the first things that stuck out to me at the demo was the noise—or better—the lack of it,” said White.

varsity under the window unit
Varsity® under-the-window ventilator

“We learned about the equipment’s impressive sound-lab performance, but it was most impressive to see and hear the equipment during our tour. We were certain that we’d found the right technology for our schools.”

The district also chose to install two Modine Varsity® under-the-window ventilator units in its high school football locker room. The unit supplies fresh air within the facility.