Modine HVAC Equipment Warranties Reflect Confidence

Modine HVAC Equipment Warranties Reflect Confidence

At Modine, we take pride in designing and manufacturing high quality and robust commercial HVAC units that provide many years of reliable service, and we back up our work with solid warranties.

Case in point is our Atherion® Dedicated Outdoor Air System, designed specifically to condition larger volumes of up to 100% outside air, regardless of season, climate, or location. The unit can capably handle the arid air of the West, the high humidity of the Southeast, the frigid winters of the Midwest, and everything in between. With advanced microprocessor controls overseeing the system and an outstanding range of capacity modulation capability, the Atherion® unit can supply air to the building to meet stringent temperature and humidity requirements. The controls also monitor a number of sensors to ensure the unit is operating properly and can provide intelligent alarms and notifications of issues that need the attention of service or maintenance personnel. With capability to communicate with common building management system protocols, the unit can communicate operating status, notifications, and alarms to the BMS via network variables. Other features that are standard or available as options are stainless steel heat exchangers for gas heat options, Coastal Coat cabinet protection and E-Coated coils for protection in salt laden environments, and various sensors that can help with predictive maintenance. These features, along with over 100 years of thermal management experience provide a confidence in our equipment for many years of reliable and efficient service.

Atherion® Commercial Packaged Ventilation System
Atherion® Commercial Packaged Ventilation System

Solid Warranty

With the confidence in our equipment comes a commitment to our customers that we stand behind our product. The Atherion® comes standard with a 10-year warranty on heat exchangers for gas heat options, two years on electrical parts including compressors, and one year on coils and sheet metal. Optional extended compressor warranties are available to extend coverage up to 5 years. 

Startup Services

Aside from outstanding warranty coverage, it is important that the equipment be properly installed, commissioned, and maintained. The Modine Service Group offers optional start-up services that can be performed after the equipment has been installed and utilities and controls wiring completed. The Modine Service professional will do an overall quality inspection of the unit, verify controls are properly setup and the unit is functioning as intended, then perform owner training on an overview of the equipment, the use of the controls interface, and how to perform routine preventative maintenance.  

With a growing expectation for high indoor air quality (IAQ), especially with the current threat of COVID-19 showing no signs of relenting anytime soon, customers expect equipment that not only supports outstanding IAQ, but can reliably be counted on for many years, even under the most demanding of conditions. Modine is proud to stand behind the Atherion as the go-to dedicated outdoor air solution for you.

Modine Atherion Rooftop
Rooftop Maintenance training on the Atherion.