Raising the Bar for Classroom Ventilation

Raising the Bar for Classroom Ventilation

Indoor air quality has never been more important. This is especially true as schools reopen with in-person classes in the wake of the coronavirus. Good classroom ventilation is critical to keeping students and teachers safe, comfortable and productive.

Classroom Ventilation Upgrades Needed

Currently, however, many public schools don’t make the grade. A recent study conducted by researchers from Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory and the University of California-Davis, estimates that 85 percent of classrooms in California failed to meet state ventilation standards. This was even before the pandemic.

During normal times, poor ventilation can result in higher absentee rates due to illnesses. The more time missed from school, the further students fall behind, and COVID-19 has only exacerbated the situation. Stagnant airflow in enclosed spaces increases transmission rates of the airborne virus, putting students at greater risk of infection.

Modine Classroom Ventilation Solutions

Modine offers several innovative ventilation products that are designed specifically to improve fresh air circulation while minimizing energy consumption. Modine’s Airedale Sentinel® Vertical Unit Ventilator, for example, operates in conjunction with a school’s central chiller/boiler plant to condition incoming air.

More Modine Benefits 

Modine’s cooling and heating units are designed for greater efficiency, less noise, and easy service and installation. Upgraded cooling and heating units add up financially, too. An inefficient HVAC system can account for 30 percent of a school’s annual energy costs. Ventilators also are equipped with advanced controls, which provide easy, efficient programming and compatibility with your building management system.

Modine is dedicated to meeting the needs of schools and providing a healthy classroom environment. Visit our website to learn more about how schools can benefit from an upgraded ventilation system.