The Secret to Efficient Heating is Proper Placement

The Secret to Efficient Heating is Proper Placement

Summertime is a great opportunity for commercial greenhouses to evaluate and plan for their heating needs long before cold weather strikes again.

At Modine, we know the secret to optimum unit heater usage in commercial greenhouses is pretty simple. It comes down to proper positioning to allow for even and consistent temperatures to be maintained throughout the space during cold weather.  

Go with the Flow

The best positioning for unit heaters allows heated air to flow along the inside of the exterior walls. In order to provide consistent and event temperatures in the center of the space, the goal should be to position the heaters to create circular motion of heated air within the space. One way this can be accomplished is by positioning heating units to blow air in opposite directions from the corners of the interior space.

Put the Controls in the Right Place

Don’t forget that the placement of the temperature sensor of controlling thermostat can make all the difference between correct functioning and ineffective heating. If placed too close to the heater, the control unit will be unable to accurately determine the temperature. It should be positioned in a place where it can properly gauge the actual temperature in the space in order for the unit to provide efficient heating.

Effinity Advantages

effinity greenhouse heater
High-efficiency Modine Effinity® PTC

When considering unit heaters to provide optimum heating in commercial greenhouse settings, owners should consider the high-efficiency Modine Effinity® PTC. Operating up to 97% efficiency, one gas-fired Effinity® unit provides consistent operation while saving more than $1,000 on energy per year and reducing CO2 cost output by 1,000 pounds per year when compared to other HVAC units.